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LAN Bandwidth

Now let’s see how good the Killer Xeno Pro is as an ordinary network adapter. With the wide popularity of Gigabit Ethernet and high-definition video, it is important to have a high connection speed on your home network. A speed of 40-80 MBps is far better than 10 MBps that you may have with Fast Ethernet. Alas, the EVGA Killer Xeno Pro is far from brilliant from this aspect, at least in Windows 7.

So, the EVGA card delivers only 10 MBps as opposed to 80 MBps with the integrated controllers from Realtek and Marvell. This is comparable to the performance of the previous-generation Fast Ethernet standard. Yes, this is enough for a single Internet connection since there are few providers offering a permanent link at a speed higher than 100 Mbps. Typical connection speeds are 10-30 Mbps. This is also enough for online games for which the response time is far more important than the Internet channel bandwidth.

But if you’ve got a file server on your Gigabit Ethernet network, you won’t be able to work with it at full speed from a computer equipped with a Killer Xeno Pro. The hardware capabilities of this network adapter should not be the bottleneck. The problem must be in the software which is optimized to minimize response time in games.

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