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Packaging and Accessories

Although not a graphics card, this product’s packaging resembles those of EVGA’s graphics solutions. It is a black box with silvery captions at the top. A gray line with a texture of polished metal goes across the box, serving as the background for the product name. There are four blood-red icons touting the product’s advantages that we are yet to check out in practice.

There is only one piece of useful information on the face side of the box: you can learn that the card supports PCI Express. The older Killer NIC K1 and M1 supported the older PCI interface. The PCI slot has become a rare guest on modern mainboards and is likely to be occupied by some sound card like a SoundBlaster X-Fi XtremeGamer. The bus configuration is not specified, but the picture on the back side of the box shows the card and you can see that it supports PCIe x1. So, there should be no problems installing the Killer Xeno Pro into any modern computer. You can also see a TeamSpeak Certified logo that guarantees that this product is compatible with the voice communication system that is highly popular among online gamers. The card also supports the open-source Mumble system that serves the same purpose. There is a warning on one side of the box that the 64-bit version of Windows XP is not supported, but this OS is rather old and far from popular. It is mostly installed on workstations rather than on gaming computers.

Besides the Killer Xeno Pro adapter, we found the following accessories on the cardboard tray inside the box:

  • Cable for internal sound card connection;
  • External mini-jack 3.5 mm cable;
  • Installation manual;
  • Xeno Chat user guide;
  • Disk with drivers and software;
  • EVGA Mods Rigs logo sticker.

Oddly enough, there is no USB cable in the kit. You can use any standard cable of appropriate length, but it’s strange that the manufacturer does not include it. We don’t think it would increase the cost of the product much.

So, the packaging and accessories of the EVGA Killer Xeno Pro are all high quality. The card looks stylish and comes with everything necessary for using it. EVGA carries on its tradition of style and quality, which deserves our praise.

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