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World of Warcraft: Wraith of the Lich King

There is some performance growth in World of Warcraft, too. It is lower than in Team Fortress 2, amounting to 2-4%. It is only at 1920x1200 that the GeForce GTX 285 speeds up by 7%, also in terms of bottom speed. This was quite conspicuous: the gameplay became much smoother subjectively. The GeForce GTX 285 does not do the same at 2560x1600, though. As for the Radeon HD 5850, it delivers a comfortable speed both with the Killer Xeno Pro and without the latter. Still, we’d recommend the EVGA card for MMORPGs in the first place as such games use the network connection most actively.

Like in the previous two games, the EVGA Killer Xeno Pro kept the response time lower throughout the test. And, unlike in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Team Fortress 2, the game seemed to run smoother with the EVGA card than without it. At least, this was our subjective impression. When under load, the Killer Xeno Pro again proved its superb network traffic optimization abilities, keeping the ping time as low as without uTorrent. So, if you are planning a long WoW session and don’t want to disable your torrent client, the EVGA card will be just what you need.

We want to add that with our testbed described in the previous section we did not have the problem reported by some other reviewers. In their tests the response time in World of Warcraft would quickly grow up and the server disconnected when uTorrent was running in the background. We suspect the Killer Xeno Pro developers have done some error correction in the drivers and software. They still have to improve further, however, as such problems may occur in other games, e.g. in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as we’ve described above.

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