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Getting Started

If you’ve got a StorCenter px6-300d without preinstalled HDDs, you need to add at least one disk first. It’s simple. Just put your HDDs onto the frames and insert the frames into the bays. The NAS supports both 3.5 and 2.5-inch disks. When being initialized, the NAS formats its disks and writes some system files to a dedicated partition (it is as large as 20 gigabytes).

You set up your StorCenter px6-300d via its web-interface. It is available in several languages, supports HTTPS, offers an integrated search engine, help system (identical to the full electronic user manual) and a link to the tech support page at the manufacturer’s website. Novice users may find the Setup page with links to key settings helpful. Besides the web-interface, you can use the Iomega Storage Manager utility for accessing the NAS over your LAN, connecting network disks and entering certain settings.

The web-interface is quite simple and intuitive. There are icons of pages with settings on the left, grouped by topic. You can also view all the pages at once. This can be handy since there are not so many of them here.

If you enable the Home Page feature, ordinary users will be able to access the NAS via their web-browser. They can be offered a predefined photo slideshow or a simple file manager for uploading, downloading and deleting files and folders (copying or renaming are not supported).

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