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The StorCenter px6-300d is a classic NAS based on the Intel Atom platform. It features one USB 3.0 port and two Gigabit Ethernet controllers which may come in handy for corporate networks. Unfortunately, the manufacturer didn’t implement eSATA whereas the USB 3.0 interface is represented by only one connector. Well, eSATA would require additional controllers because the chipset’s ones are all utilized for internal HDDs. On the other hand, the px4-300d model lacks eSATA, too.

Among other hardware features I can note a large amount of system memory and a free memory slot for upgrading it. The documentation doesn’t mention any usage for the PCI x4 slot, so I can only propose installing network adapters or peripheral controllers (eSATA or USB 3.0, for example).

The NAS itself is sturdy and high quality. It has an external power adapter, but I guess an internal one would be more appropriate for its class. The large display is handy for monitoring and diagnosing any problems.

The firmware is based on EMC’s software and I couldn’t find any flaws in it. There are some peculiarities as to the disk volume management and no opportunity of increasing the size of a RAID by replacing its disks with larger-capacity ones.

The StorCenter px6-300d supports a large number of network protocols, which is important for heterogeneous networks but I wish the FTP server settings were more detailed. FTP is more important for a NAS of this class than the support for digital cameras and Bluetooth.

The NAS offers handy backup options with support for cloud-based storage systems. The Personal Cloud feature allows working with remote devices and PCs combined into a single resource pool. This technology doesn’t look polished off to me, though. It is too complex to set up and use. Like home-oriented NASes, the StorCenter px6-300d has a media server and a file download system. Its IP camera recording system is going to be relevant for corporate users.

The firmware can be expanded by installing add-ons although none was available at the time of my writing this. So if anything is missing, you have to use the console access to the OS.

The performance of the StorCenter px6-300d is average for this platform. It can deliver data-transfer speeds up to 80-100 MB/s. It is fast with fault-tolerant RAIDs. The same speed can be achieved with USB 3.0 external disks.

The high price of x86-based NASes seems to be the main factor that limits their popularity. The StorCenter px6-300d is no exception as it costs (in the diskless version) as much as $900. A larger part of this price covers not the hardware but the software, certifications and tech support which are so important for corporate users.

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