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Additional Features

The LaCie 2big NAS offers a number of additional features which may be interesting for home as well as SOHO users. One of them is a browser-based file manager which can do every file-related operation: downloading and uploading, deleting, copying and renaming, and creating new folders.

The file download service is based on the BitTorrent client “transmission” but the latter’s own interface is inaccessible. You have to manage your download jobs from the main web-interface. You can limit the speed of downloading and seeding, choose the port, and set up the maximum number of concurrent jobs. The client is very fast while files are seeded until removed by the user.

The 2big NAS can work as a DLNA and iTunes server. The DLNA server can index files of the following popular formats: jpeg, bmp, png, mp3, m4a, aac, wma, wav, avi, mpeg, mp4, wmv, mkv, m2ts and others. Audio recordings are sorted by tags. Photos and videos can be easily viewed by folders. The user can specify shared folders with multimedia files, even on external hard disks.

The iTunes server works with aac, m4a, mp3 and wav files in the same folders as used by the DLNA server.

As for backup capabilities, the 2big NAS supports Rsync and the default OS tools (Time Machine in Mac OS and Windows Backup and Restore in Windows).

It also offers its own backup services which can create copies of data from the NAS’s shared folders in other shared folders, on external disks or on a remote Rsync server. Besides the source and destination, every backup job can include a schedule to run by. Local backup copies can be restored using the NAS’s web-interface.

LaCie offers a free iOS-based app called LaCie MyNAS that helps you access your NAS from anywhere. The MyNAS service must be enabled for that.

Although the firmware contains an SSH server, the consol access is prohibited. It can probably be enabled, considering that the OS is stored on a disk partition, but there were no ready-made solutions at the time of our writing this.

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