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We tested the performance of our LaCie 2big NAS with Intel NASPT. Besides the default HDDs (Seagate Barracuda ST3000DM001), we checked it out with Western Digital Caviar Black WD5001AALS drives. The 2big NAS not supporting Jumbo Frames, we didn’t change any settings after creating a disk array on it.

The first diagram shows the NAS’s performance with the default HDDs from Seagate:

The peak sequential read and write speeds are 100 and 70 MB/s, respectively. Interestingly, the manufacturer uses the same benchmark to specify the product’s performance. The results are appropriate for the hardware platform. The NAS is going to be fast enough for home and SOHO applications. Take note that there is almost no difference between the different RAID types.

And here are the results with the WD drives installed:

The 2big NAS is somewhat slower with the WD drives, especially with the single drive. On the other hand, these HDDs are not on the official compatibility list.

The next two diagrams show the data-transfer speed with external drives connected to the 2big NAS. We used the mentioned drive from WD for this test. We can't expect high performance from USB 2.0, so 30 MB/s is quite normal.

We can note that the 2big NAS is as good with EXT4 as with NTFS partitions when using USB 2.0, so Windows users won’t have to look for a compromise between speed and compatibility. As for Mac OS users, they will have to put up with the low write speed of HFS+ or choose another file system. Of course, eSATA is a more interesting option, even though you can only connect one eSATA device at a time.

Surprisingly, the external disk is faster than the internal one! This may be due to the different controllers (the eSATA port is based on a JMicron chip whereas the internal SATA ports are based on the main processor) or the influence of the system partition on the internal HDD. EXT4 is the fastest option here. HFS+ is slower at writing whereas FAT32 and NTFS are only half as fast as EXT4.

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