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Based on a high-performance ARM platform, the LaCie 2big NAS delivers high performance and features an eSATA port. It has a splendid exterior while its clever interior design makes it very quiet even with high-capacity HDDs.

On the software side, this NAS is interesting for its support of a large number of network protocols, so it can be easily used with different OSes on client computers. The Torrent download service, media server and scheduled power management are going to be interesting for home users. Backup services are available as well. The remote access service is easy to set up while the integrated file manager allows managing your files from anywhere. The exclusive LaCie MyNAS app can be helpful for users of mobile devices from Apple.

The modest price should also be added to these advantages. The HDD-less version costs about $200. Purchasing two 3TB HDDs is going to save you some money compared to the version with two preinstalled 3TB drives. However, the 2big NAS (together with preinstalled HDDs) comes with a 3-year warranty whereas 3TB drives have a warranty period of 1 year only.

The 2big NAS can be recommended for every user who needs a fast NAS for a heterogeneous network. The attractive design and low noise level are going to come in handy if you keep your NAS right on your desk.

Summing up everything we have just said, we believe LaCie 2big NAS deserves our Recommended Buy title:

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