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Advanced Settings

The Internet page is the first one on the list. Besides port triggering you can find DMZ settings here. You can choose between ordinary DMZ and multi-DMZ (when a specific machine on the LAN is assigned to each WAN port address). The latter modification of DMZ is not widespread.

The Access Control page is for setting rules to restrict Internet access for specific applications. You can also view the restriction log here.

The Dynamic DNS page is where you can enter your DDNS account parameters. The account must be created at one out of four available DDNS domains.

On the URL Filter page you can block the viewing of some websites by their symbolic addresses. This filtering can be applied to certain machines on the LAN and can be enabled by schedule.

Notwithstanding its name, the User Groups page doesn’t have any user accounts. Here you can divide all the network devices on the router’s LAN into five groups and apply different actions to these groups (for example, block traffic from certain addresses).

Additional DNS server addresses can be specified on the Options page. You can also enable UPnP support here.

The Schedule page is where you can write a schedule for some of the router’s services. The scheduled events must occur at least once a week.

The options on the Virtual Servers page allow to establish servers on the router’s LAN and make them available from the WAN.

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