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The options of the WAN Port page refer to the WAN interface (MAC address, MTU) as well as to the ISP connection. Nearly every popular connection type is present here.

The PC Database page shows a table with names and IP addresses of the network devices that are connected now or have been connected recently (for DHCP). You can view and edit the table.

On the Config File page you can create/restore a backup of the router’s settings or reset all the settings to their factory defaults.

The router’s logging function is set up on the Logs page. Besides, you can send some parts of the log file and other messages to the email address you specify.

The Diagnostics page offers two diagnostic tools: ping and DNS Lookup (it shows you the IP address of a host by its domain name).

The QoS service is configured on the appropriate page. You can set traffic priorities up basing on specific applications or IP addresses. Three levels of priorities are available.

On the Remote Admin page you can specify the port the setup manager will be available through from the WAN.

The routing table and tools for editing it are available on the Routing page. The number of routes is not strictly limited.

The Security page is where you can enable protection from DoS attacks and block specific types of packets that can slow the router down considerably. Modern home routers usually don’t have any protection, even of the simplest kind, against DoS attacks.

The last page in the Advanced group is called Upgrade Firmware. It allows you to update the router’s firmware right from its web-interface.

That’s all the features available to you in the router’s interface. The setup manager has good functionality, even though in a sloppy interface. The WBR-6000 looks good in comparison with other cheap models in this respect.

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