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Firmware and Web-Interface

There is nothing exceptional about the hardware part of the NAS200, but the features provided by its integrated software may be interesting. You have to use Linksys’ official firmware because there are no third-party alternatives for the NAS200 as yet. Enthusiasts who are willing to undertake such a project can visit This resource is actually dedicated to another device from Linksys, the NSLU2, but it has a page about the NAS200, too. You can find some useful information about the device there, particularly how to build your own firmware out of the source code.

As for the official firmware, it was version 3.4R62 at the moment of our writing this review. You can download it from the manufacturer’s website.

Every feature is reflected in the NAS’ web-interface. It can be viewed as consisting of two parts: the NAS’ own settings (Administration) and the integrated file-manager that does double duty as a download manager (My Files). The page you’ll see in your browser has the same structure in both cases.

Besides the company’s name, the header contains tabs for the mentioned sections, for the Home page and for the Help system. In the left part of the page there is a menu of pages with settings (or the file manager’s modes). The rest of the window displays the current page with settings (or the folder structure of the selected disk).

If you click Help, a new browser window will open up with tips on the currently selected page with settings. Traditionally for Linksys, the Help system is high quality.

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