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The Linksys WRT300N is a well-made device that is a pleasure to work with. Its original case design will surely appeal to the user, except for people who don’t care at all about how their hardware looks.

The router disappointed us somewhat with its poor implementation of PPTP connection, but this is not the main thing about this model, after all. Its key feature is the wireless interface that supports the draft version of the 802.11n standard. Unfortunately, the WRT300N did not provide the declared bandwidth of 802.11n in our tests. Hopefully, this will be corrected with the release of new firmware which is almost sure to appear.

But generally speaking, there is an uncertainty as to the future of the new communication standard and the already released devices that support it. Although the manufacturers of network equipment claim their devices will all work normally with the final version of the 802.11n standard, they do not offer any warranties. There can be only one warranty, Wi-Fi Alliance’s certification, but this organization is still waiting. And even if the final version will not differ fundamentally from the draft, you still should not hurry with purchasing a new wireless router right now. We are sure there will be a lot of certified models with higher functionality and quality than the existing ones by the time the 802.11n standard has been officially ratified. That is why we cannot recommend the tested router (its version on the Atheros chipset) as an optimal purchase for all users.


  • Good quality of manufacture
  • Original design
  • Stable operation
  • Good performance (except for 802.11n and the WAN interface)
  • Functional web-interface


  • Poor implementation of PPTP connection
  • Bandwidth doesn’t comply with the draft 802.11n specification
  • Does not support the 5GHz range
  • Low WAN speed
  • Inconvenient assembly/disassembly process
  • Not certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance
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