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The settings of the Storage group can come in handy if you have attached an external drive to the router’s USB port. The Disk page will show you brief information about the drive. Here you can also format the drive and share specific folders on it.

The Share page is where you can share folders, too. Besides, you can edit the access rules for these folders and specify what user groups will be able to access them.

On the Administration page you can create user accounts and groups mentioned above. You won’t find some special settings in this or any other page of the Storage group, so this functionality is just average.

You can enable the integrated UPnP media server on the Media Server page and index the contents of the drive attached to the router. Indexing takes some time, though.

The last page of the Storage group is FTP Server. You can set up the integrated FTP-server here.

Access Restrictions

The Access Restrictions group contains only one page, called Internet Access Policy.

Here you can define up to ten rules for blocking external traffic based on certain IP addresses, domains or protocols. Or you can block all traffic according to a schedule. There are a lot of options here, but also some limitations concerning the number of rules and parameters. That should be enough for a home user, though.

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