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On the WAN Setup page of the Advanced group you can specify the MTU size for the WAN port, disable protection against DOS attacks and specify a DMZ server.

The Dynamic DNS page is for configuring the namesake service.

The LAN IP Setup page allows to specify a range of IP-addresses to use for the local network, set up the parameters of the integrated DHCP server, and select the dynamic routing protocol. Here you can also reserve IP-addresses for devices with specific MAC addresses.

On the Remote Management page you can configure the way the router is administrated from the external network.

The static routes table is filled in on the Static Routes page.

The last page of the Advanced group, called UPnP, offers a list of devices connected to the router via the appropriate protocol. You can also disable the use of this protocol here.

Web Support

The last group, Web Support, is only available when you’ve got an active Internet connection. The Knowledge Base and Documentation pages display the appropriate information about the DG832N from the Netgear website.

Talking about the drawbacks of this firmware, we can add the lack of port forwarding and triggering and the lack of virtual servers. Telling you the truth, this firmware is among the worst we’ve ever met in home routers.

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