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Prep Work

If your sample of the NAS comes with preinstalled HDDs, you just have to connect it to your network and power mains. If it comes with no drives, you should install them yourself, which is easy.

The NAS can be set up through a web-browser. A special feature of Netgear’s products is that you should add “/admin” when typing the address in and use the “admin/netgear1” credentials for your first access. After you’ve entered them, the firmware automatically redirects you to an SSL-protected version of the pages if this hasn’t been done already.

If you forget to specify the full path to the administration pages, the device will automatically add “/shares” to bring you to the files (subject to user rights, of course).

The interface isn’t original but user-friendly: a menu tree is on the left of the main window and a status line is at the bottom. The language is selected automatically using your browser settings.

Besides accessing all the settings, you can utilize the integrated wizard that will simplify the set-up procedure for beginner users. It will help you specify such parameters as system time, administrator notifications, LAN settings, user accounts, network protocols to use, shared folders, etc.

We used firmware 4.1.6 for our tests. By the way, the firmware has a proper name of RAIDiator.

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