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Getting Started

Ours is a version without HDDs but Netgear also ships this NAS with one or two 2-terabyte disks preinstalled. So, we put our HDDs into the bays (which are designed for 3.5-inch devices only), connected the network and power cables, and pressed the Power button.

The NAS can be set up through its web-interface. A special feature of Netgear’s products is that you should add “/admin” when typing the address in. If you don’t do that, you will land on a browser-based data access page. The web-interface supports HTTPS, the latest firmware versions redirecting the user to the secure connection automatically. You should take this into account when setting remote access up. It’s somewhat inconvenient that you have to enter your credentials once again then, so it’s simpler to use SSL right from the start.

The web-interface has a classic layout with a menu on the left and a main window in the center. Some menu pages have multiple tabs. The interface has a fixed window size, so you may have to scroll down a page within the interface window to reach all the settings.

The interface language is selected automatically depending on the OS or browser settings. There are status indicators for disks, partitions, fan and temperature designed as colorful icons that help quickly check out what’s going on with the NAS. A simplified setup procedure is available for inexperienced users which will guide them through setting up basic parameters such as clock, network settings, user accounts, shared folders, etc.

The included RAIDar utility helps find the NAS on the network, carry out some initial setting up (particularly, select or change the operation mode of the disk volumes), and quickly check out the status of the hard disks and volumes.

We tested our Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra 2 with firmware 4.2.1.

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