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Being the junior model in Netgear’s premium router series, the WNDR3800 features an eye-pleasing exterior, a good but not exactly cutting-edge hardware platform and revised firmware. It has a few promising capabilities such as ReadyShare Cloud and Netgear Genie but they do not look polished off as yet.

The router is very fast in PPTP and L2TP mode, allowing you to download files from the internet at 300 Mbps and higher. A direct or PPPoE connection can also be fast, up to 450 Mbps. The Wi-Fi module can deliver over 100 Mbps with certain adapters but you may have a low speed if the WNDR3800 doesn’t like your specific adapter model.

The USB port with support for USB hubs helps turn the router into a NAS, enable a multimedia server and use backup utilities, including Time Machine. You can also share a printer or all-in-one after connecting them to the router’s USB port. External USB disks can be used for establishing a FTP server accessible from the internet. The only problem is that the access control settings are too limited. The cloud service ReadyShare Cloud, when its software aspect is properly polished off, will allow you to access data from any internet-enabled PC or mobile gadget.

Summing everything up, the Netgear WNDR3800 is going to be a good choice for users who have a high-speed internet channel but use a PC or dedicated NAS for storing files and additional services.

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