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Additional Features

There is a bunch of web-interface pages that are dedicated to backup copying. Like its predecessor, the Javelin S4 supports file system snapshots for each disk volume. For this feature to work, you have to reserve the required disk space, choose the number of copies to store (up to 4 for all disk volumes) and specify an operation schedule. This is a useful technology that can help you make a data backup instantly without loading the NAS's processor. The administrator can later connect a saved image to access data in read-only mode.

The second backup copying option allows syncing data via LAN between two servers. You need two identical servers for that. This feature can be scheduled, too.

Finally, you can use the quick copy button on the NAS's front panel together with external disks. The copying direction, shared resource and operation type (creating a new destination folder, copying data or synchronization) can be specified. If there are PCs with installed Dashboard on the LAN, you can use the same button to back up predefined folders from them.

The NAS’s files can be accessed via a web-browser for downloading, renaming, removing or copying. You can also create folders or upload files from your PC. This feature can be accessed by the admin as well as ordinary users.

The Javelin S4 can also be used for web hosting with support for php and MySQL. There is a special phpMyAdmin interface for that.

The iTunes service is based on FireFly that can be set up via the web-interface. By default this service indexes the automatically created shared folders with multimedia files.

I couldn’t identify the software the DLNA server is based on. There are a minimum of settings: you can force the indexing process or exclude files smaller than a certain size. This server uses the following shared folders: DOWNLOAD, MUSIC, PICTURE, UPLOAD and VIDEO. It supports popular file types including JPEG, PNG, MP3, WMA, WAV, AVI, M2TS, MKV, MPEG and WMV. Audio files are sorted by tags (you should write them in Unicode because there can be problems with non-Latin alphabets). Photographs can only be sorted by date. Videos can be sorted by format and resolution but the NAS made errors determining the frame size for some of my video files.

The media server also includes a web-based file manager for viewing the current folder, reading file parameters and opening them in your media player. Some DLNA devices can be used to upload files to the NAS (for example, you can upload photos from your mobile phone).

The Javelin S4 is able to download files autonomously. The integrated MLDonkey client supports FTP, HTTP, BitTorrent and Emule. It can be accessed via the NAS's web-interface or the full standard version of MLDonkey. External clients, particularly Sancho, are supported, too. The file download feature has some limitations: the speed is limited to 200 KB/s and files can only be seeded when being downloaded.

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