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Exterior Design

The classic color of black helps design nice-looking computer devices at little cost. This NAS is absolutely black. Its chassis is made from aluminum with plastic panels attached to its front and back. On the back panel there is a power connector, a LAN port, a Reset button, a USB port, and a 5-centimeter fan.

The flip-down cover on the front panel conceals HDD bays, a few indicators, a USB port, a button for copying data from the USB-connected device, and an On/Off switch. The status of the HDDs is indicated by two pairs of LEDs on the left.

The HDD cover is made from glossy plastic. It is translucent although there are no lights behind it.

The NAS is ventilated through the inconspicuous grid in the right part of the front panel.

It measures 24x14x10 centimeters and is quite comparable to other dual-disk devices in this respect.

The design is overall stylish and sober, considering that most of the front-panel indicators are single-color ones.

Hardware Configuration

Today’s entry-level NASes are usually equipped with ARM processors, and the Valkyrie is no exception. It is based on a Marvell 88F5182 SoC processor that incorporates an ARM core, a Gigabyte Ethernet controller, a USB 2.0 controller for two ports, and a SATA controller for two ports. Together with flash memory (16 MB in this sample), system memory (128 MB), and an auxiliary LAN controller chip, that chip makes up the entire hardware stuffing of this NAS.

The processor is clocked at 500 MHz and the platform on the whole corresponds to top-end products of some 3 years ago. The main chip even lacks a heatsink, so low its power consumption is.

There are no unoccupied connectors on the PCB. Theoretically, there is an opportunity to implement a console, but you’d have to work with your soldering iron for that. Besides the connector, you’d have to install a few other components.

We couldn’t find any information about the operation of the fan, but it was rather quiet and suitable for both office and home environments.

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