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Getting Started

There were no screws in the box, but we found out that there were detachable plastic inserts fastened with screws in the U-shaped disk frames. It is these screws that you should use for your HDDs. As is clear from this design, the NAS supports 3.5-inch HDDs only.

With the disk installed, you can start the NAS up by pressing the On/Off button for 3 seconds. By default, the device gets its IP address automatically via DHCP, so you should have no problems finding it on your network. If you do have them, you should run the Valkyrie Network Setup Utility that helps change the device’s IP address and system time.

The rest of the NAS’s settings are specified via a web interface. The basic interface is written in English but other languages can be added by installing an appropriate module. The interface works via HTTP and you cannot change the port number.

There are five main items in the menu but only three of them contain setup options. The first item shows the current status of the NAS whereas the last one is a link to the manufacturer’s online forum.

There is no soft shutdown option which would be useful considering the use of ext2 and background services.

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