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External Devices

The Valkyrie is equipped with two USB 2.0 ports one of which is on the front panel and the other is at the back. You can connect external storage devices and printers to them. Only one (the first) partition is identified on USB flash drives and HDDs. It can be in FAT32, EXT2 or NTFS. NTFS is only supported for reading. All compatible partitions are mounted into shared folders named like USBD_1 and are open for unrestricted access by all users. You can connect external storage devices via a USB hub, too. There is no menu item for safely disconnecting them, but you can format them right from the NAS. If an external drive is connected to the front USB port, pressing the Backup button on the front panel will copy all data from it into a subfolder of the “public” shared folder.

Judging by the documentation, the NAS can only work with one printer which is integrated into the LAN using the standard Windows protocol. The NAS supports the printing feature only with all-in-ones.

System Settings

The main screen of the web interface contains some information about the NAS such as its firmware version, network name, MAC and IP addresses. Besides, there is an events log which is not very detailed and cannot be sent to an email address. The integrated system clock can be synchronized via the Internet using NTP. There are no hardware monitoring options (for example, you cannot check out the temperature and speed of the fan).

Like most other NASes, the Valkyrie allows to update its firmware, although there was only one, original, version available at the time of our writing this. You can save, restore or reset the NAS settings, but the information about users, folders and rights will be missing in the backup.

As we’ve said above, the device cannot be shut down via LAN. But you can restart it manually or by a schedule.

There is a special page for changing the admin password while the rest of user passwords are specified in a common menu item.

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