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Frankly speaking, we had expected a little more from a NAS developed by such a respectable company as Promise. Well, the NS2300N has more advantages than drawbacks, but the poor implementation of the integrated FTP-server is a disappointment, unfortunately. This aspect of the firmware seems to have been disregarded by the developer. The second problem with the NS2300N is the ventilation system, but it may not be a problem for you if you don’t mind the buzzing fan.  

What we like about the NS2300N is that it has a good exterior design and a large number of additional features (hopefully, there will be even more plugins in the future) and comes with good software. This puts it somewhat higher than the average level of this class of devices.

The NS2300N will cost you about $190-200, which is average as dual-disk NASes go. We guess it is quite worth the money.


  • High-quality and handy design of the case
  • Easy installation of HDDs
  • Hot swapping
  • Good indication system
  • Large memory amount
  • Broad functionality of the firmware
  • Web-interface available in many languages
  • SmartNAVI software


  • Noisy and inefficient cooling system
  • Poor implementation of the integrated FTP-server
  • Downloads can be managed from a special program only
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