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SmartNAVI Software

Before testing the NS2300N, we want to dwell upon the software you get with this NAS. It is called SmartNAVI. This program provides a visual interface to the most frequently used features. The interface looks good, employing large icons and buttons. All data are represented visually as tables and lists whenever possible.

When started, this program goes into the System Tray and opens up on a double click. It then shows you a basic version of the program window with action icons (such as launching a scheduled backup or specifying a user account to use in SmartNAVI) on the left. The advanced version of the window will open if you double-click any of the system partitions of any SmartStor device. This window offers seven tabs:

  1. Download Station. This tab offers an interface to the namesake firmware plugin. It is simple, consisting of only three items. You can add new downloads, view the lists of current and completed downloads.

  1. Share Folder. Here you can perform basic operations over the folders in the current partition.

  1. SmartSYNC. You can specify the parameters of the backup system here. Also on this tab you can create or restore a backup with a single click of your mouse.



  1. Setup Wizard. It is a simple Wizard for setting up the basic parameters of the NS2300N.


  1. User Management. This tab contains the same settings as the User Management and Group Management pages of the NAS’s web-interface.

  1. Volume Configuration. Most settings of the web-interface’s RAID & File System group are duplicated here.

  1. NAS Management. This tab contains some settings of the web-interface’s Management and Network groups.
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