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Industry equipment from Promise enjoys good reputation due to its high performance. So, we expect good performance from the company’s NAS, too. For the sake of comparison we will take a Synology DS207+ NAS, which has had the highest results in our tests so far. Let’s see if the NS2300N can match our leader.

This is the equipment used for this test session:

  • Synology DS207+ NAS
  • Category 5e Ethernet cable
  • Intel Centrino notebook
  • Two Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 hard disk drives (250GB, SATA-2)
  • Transcend JF130 USB flash drive (2GB)
  • IOMeter
  • FlashFXP FTP-client

We first measure the speed of the internal HDD using IOMeter. There are two patterns: 512 bytes to determine for maximum amount of disk operations per second and 64KB to see the maximum data-transfer rate. We exclude random and write operations in both cases to get the highest results possible.

So, the NS2300N delivers high performance, but cannot match the favorite of this testing. For a home NAS, the NS2300N provides an acceptable speed of data transfer to and from the internal HDDs. The data-transfer speed of the external USB drive is even higher than average, probably due to the use of a discrete physical-level USB controller.

The next test is about the integrated FTP server available in both NAS devices. We measure the data-transfer speed not only for the integrated HDD but also for an external device, a USB flash drive. We upload and download files with FlashXFP and mark the average download speed reported by the program in the server connection log. We use the following content types: a 700MB DivX movie (L), a 200MB folder with MP3 files (M), and a 200MB folder with photographs (S).

The NS2300N is rather slow in this test, especially when working with the external drive. This indicates a poor implementation of the integrated FTP server because the USB interface itself proved to be fast in the previous test.

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