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The third model of a SOHO-class Network Attached Storage device from Promise is overall a success. It is a pretty-looking and well-made device with a high-performance platform and noise-optimized design. These are the NS4600’s obvious highs.

On the other hand, it is inferior to the market leaders QNAP, Synology and Thecus in terms of extra features. The “closed” firmware and the lack of a web-based file manager are the biggest problems.

So, if you need just a fast and quiet NAS with basic file storage capabilities, the NS4600 will make a good buy. This model may also interest you if you like doing and improving things with your own hands and the possible deficiencies of the bundled software do not set you aback.

However, the Promise NS4600 won’t suit you if you want a multifunctional modern NAS right out of the box.

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