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Software Bundle

The software bundle included with the TS-109Pro II consists of three programs: QNAP Finder, QGet and NetBak Replicator.

QNAP Finder

QNAP Finder is the tool you’ll need the most. You need this program to initialize your new NAS. Besides, QNAP Finder allows you to update the NAS’s firmware, create network disks in your OS, connect to the NAS to change settings or work with files, shut down or reboot the NAS remotely, and launch the other programs from the software bundle included with the TS-109Pro II.


The QGet program is for those people who don’t want to work with the Download Station via the web-interface. It is in fact a client of that service and may be handy if you add new downloads often. Besides providing every feature of the NAS’s web-interface in a new and prettier interface, it offers the so-called Drop Basket every modern download manager has. This Basket is an icon displayed above desktop windows. You can add a new download by simply dragging and dropping the appropriate link into it.

NetBak Replicator

The third program is called NetBak Replicator. It is a backup tool for the TS-109Pro II. The program window offers three tabs: creating a backup, restoring a backup, and an event log. On the first tab you select folders you want to back up and a target folder on the NAS where backup files are going to be saved. You can copy data from any disks attached to the computer, even from network disks. On the second tab you select folders and files you want to restore. And every action is recorded in the event log. Besides, NetBak Replicator can filter out the copying of files according to specific patterns (matching files are not backed up), run a scheduled backup procedure, etc.

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