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At first we wanted to compare the firmware of the TS-109Pro II with that of Synology’s NASes feature by feature, but it would be too long and complicated. So, we’ll just describe the current firmware of the TS-109Pro II and compare it generally with the competing products at the end.

You won’t be able to work with the TS109-Pro II right after you turn it on for the first time. You must first use a program from the included CD to find the NAS on the network and upload firmware into it. The internal hard disk must be already installed because a large part of the firmware goes into a system partition on that disk. As we didn’t find the CD in our box, we downloaded the latest firmware and the software bundle from the QNAP website. This seems to be the only source of firmware for the TS-109Pro II because we could not find any project on the Internet focusing on alternative firmware for this NAS. We guess there are two reasons for that. QNAP’s devices belong to the hi-end sector and are expensive. Expensive hardware is not what every user can afford. Then, it is because of the high price that a respectable manufacturer like QNAP will do everything for the firmware to meet all of user requirements. So, the main way of customizing the firmware of the TS-109Pro II is to write your own scripts and install additional applications by means of the integrated package manager QPKG.

Additional Services

Before we discuss the setup options offered by this NAS, we want to describe the additional services available in the TS-109Pro II. It is a web-server that allows to create and publish your website right on the NAS’s hard disk. This server supports PHP4 and MySQL.

The Download Station service can download files to disks connected to the NAS. The web-interface of this service displays a list of downloads you can add and remove and a small page with settings. The Download Station can download files using direct links or the BitTorrent protocol.

The TS-109Pro II also offers a network gallery called Multimedia Station. When you save photos into the corresponding folder (you can load them from within the Multimedia Station), thumbnails are created for the photos automatically and you can see them on the Multimedia Station page. There are not too many operations you can do with the images, though. You can sort, add and remove them.

The Web File Manager service is a file manager for the disks attached to the NAS. Like the previous service, this manager offers just some basic functions for working with files. The possible operations are shown as icons above the directory tree.

The Surveillance Station allows you to connect a web-camera to the TS-109Pro II and establish a simple video surveillance system. There are all the necessary options for that here: viewing the image in real time, scheduled recording, movement sensor, camera setup opportunities, etc. There is a log of events related to the Surveillance Station.

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