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Now we’d like to discuss the structure of the web-interface and the capabilities of the Setup Manager integrated into the TS-109Pro II. You have to pass three steps to get to the settings. First, there is a title page from which you can go to an additional service or click the Administration link to enter the Setup Manager.

The title page also allows you to change the entry password and choose the language of the web-interface.

The Administration link leads to the Setup Manager’s start page containing links to all of the setup pages.

This page is the easiest way to find the necessary setting. When you click a link, you will see the Setup Manager’s main interface. It consists of four sections. There are small buttons in the top right of the header of the displayed page:

  • Button to return one page back
  • Button to go to the title page
  • Evoking the integrated Help system in a new window
  • Button to exit the current session of work with the web-interface

The horizontal bar below the header contains icons referring to groups of settings. The icons are rather too abstract and not intuitive. That’s why choosing the required group of settings from the start page is handier.

The rest of the page is divided vertically in two parts. The left partis where you can choose a page in the current group of settings. The right part displays the contents of the page. The settings are represented in a logical structure. If it were not for the incomprehensible icons, the web-interface would be perfect.

The firmware has an integrated Help system. It is not ideal, but acceptable, offering information, even though brief, about every setup option. It also covers the NAS’s additional services.

All the settings of the TS-109Pro II fall into eight groups. Let's take a closer look at them one by one.

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