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It is always hard to evaluate and choose midrange products. On one hand, they cost more than overtly cheap devices but on the other hand, they are limited in some ways compared to their top-end counterparts. It is often next to impossible to translate a platform’s gigahertz and megabyte specs into real-life user impressions. Most NASes today offer the same functionality. They can store data, make backups, stream HD video to media players, download files from the Internet, and work as a FTP-server.

QNAP tried to distinguish TS-219P+ from the other models in its product line-up and to make the difference between them as clear as possible. It differs from QNAP's top-end NASes in the processor/platform and has only one network port. Compared to QNAP’s entry-level NASes, it has such extra features as two eSATA ports and hot-swap disk bays. We guess this makes the shopping choice easier. You only have to decide which features you need and which you can do without.

The TS-219P+ delivered high data-transfer speed in our tests. Coupled with its broad functionality, this makes it a very appealing buy.

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