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Exterior Design

The device looks stylish, demure and functional. The case is aluminum with a plastic front panel. The color is quite original, bronze-like. A part of the panel with indicators is black and glossy. Below it there are indicators of disk, LAN and eSATA activity. Two buttons and a USB port can be seen lower. The Power button has an integrated status indicator. The other button is used for copying data from the USB drive plugged into the front USB port.

At the back you can see a fan grid, a Reset button and an abundance of connectors: two eSATA ports, two USB 2.0 ports, a Gigabit Ethernet port (RJ-45), and a power connector. The two eSATA interfaces are quite a rare thing to be seen in a dual-disk NAS.

The device is small at only 22x15.5x10.3 centimeters but its power adapter is external. Four rubber feet help reduce vibrations.

Summing up, the exterior of this NAS is very good. The hot swap feature is perhaps not crucial for a home user, but such drive bays make it easier to assemble the NAS and reduce the risk of the user’s breaking something.

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