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System Settings

First off, you can change the name of the server. Then, you can set up the internal clock which supports Internet-based synchronization. The group of hardware parameters includes the option of turning off the Reset button (the administrator’s password cannot be restored then), choosing a period of inactivity before shutting the HDDs down, turning on the indication and a free space shortage warning, and disabling the integrated speaker. There is a rather advanced system of controlling the speed of the fan: you can specify speed thresholds and an operation algorithm.

For the NAS to work by a schedule, you can program a list of (a maximum of 15) events like turn on and off and reboot, specifying the precise time and date (by days of the week). You can shut the NAS down or reboot via the web-interface, too.

It is easy to monitor all events occurring on the NAS. Besides an ordinary log file, there is an individual list into which all operations via individual protocols can be written (this logging feature is off by default to save the NAS’s resources). There is also a page where you can view all current connections.

The NAS can notify you about its events by email or SMS. The former option requires such settings as a server address and port, authentication, encryption support and sender’s address. For SMS, you have to register on the paid service Clickatell. The Syslog support should be useful for corporate networks.

Integration into a large network can be facilitated by the SNMP support. The required settings (a MIB profile) are loaded from the NAS.

The interface offers three pages for monitoring the NAS’s status: hardware status (the processor and memory usage, the temperatures of the HDDs and system, etc), activity of its services and flash-based graphs.

The configuration can be saved and restored. The firmware can be updated. The settings can be reset to their defaults.

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