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Additional Features

Although NASes are often used for storing backup copies of data from users’ computers, you should take care about your NAS, too. One way is to back up data from specified shared folders on external drives. You can choose the backup device (it must be connected to the NAS), schedule and mode (copying or synchronizing).

The second way allows creating network backups to another NAS or an Rsync server. Unfortunately, the conventional SMB and FTP protocols are not supported. You can define multiple tasks with different parameters (the selection of resources, schedule, etc).

Professionals may be interested in the opportunity of establishing a web-server on the NAS. It supports PHP, MySQL and can host rather complex projects. Additionally, you can install ready-made packages with the WordPress or Joomla systems.

The NAS provides full-featured file access via a standard web-browser interface, so you can easily work with your data via the Internet from any computer (of course, if your router is set up appropriately and has a real IP address). Standard operations like creating folders, uploading files, renaming/copying/moving/deleting are all supported.

The multimedia aspect of the TS-219P is presented by three services: an extended web-based file manager, iTunes and UPnP AV/DLNA servers. The former allows viewing photos, including EXIF information, also as a slideshow, and add comments to them. This feature has been long available in QNAP’s products but it’s not very useful. The iTunes server is going to be of much more help as it can store all your music and synchronize it with popular players from Apple. Data (files in the formats mp3, wav and m4a) are only indexed in the Qmultimedia folder. There is no web-interface for the Firefly software utilized here, but you can change some parameters of this service by editing the configuration file via the console.

QNAP has been long using one of the best implementations of a multimedia service, the TwonkyMedia program. It is used in the TS-219P, too. It can index various file formats including HD video such as mkv, ts and m2ts. It can work with any folders and is compatible with PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This service can be configured via an exclusive web interface.

An autonomous file download service is present, too. It supports FTP/HTTP and BitTorrent. Despite the high overall performance of the NAS, the number of simultaneous downloads is limited to 10. There are settings for BitTorrent only: you can choose ports, speed limits, and a schedule for the service to work by. DHT and protocol encryption are supported. For each task you can specify a seed period (in hours) after the download is complete. Download tasks can only be managed by the device administrator. Besides the browser, this can all be made through a special program called Qget. It is available in versions for Windows and Mac OS X.

The download service is quite functional overall, but if you are planning to work with torrents heavily, you may want to install the alternative client called transmission from Optware.

The last original feature is the video surveillance system for IP cameras. QNAP offers a separate line of products for this application, so it must have been easy to add this feature into NASes as well. The TS-219P supports a maximum of two video cameras. If you want more, you need a higher-performance or a specialized solution. The NAS is compatible with MJPEG and MPEG4 cameras. The settings are few: selecting a camera and choosing video recording parameters. You can also specify a recording schedule, make the camera begin to record when the motion sensor is triggered on (this feature must be supported by the camera itself), define parameters for data storage and rerecording. You can work with the system by using two screens: viewing the image live or watching recordings. This is only available with the Internet Explorer browsers as the system uses special plugins.

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