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Starting Up the NAS

The included installation guide is quite laconic: put the HDDs on the frames, insert them into the NAS, attach the network and power cables, and turn the device on. This is all indeed that easy and takes a couple of minutes only. The NAS identifies new disks and suggests organizing them into an array on the dual-line display. When confirmed by the user (using the buttons near the display), the NAS formats the disks. In a few minutes, the system is ready to work: the network address is obtained automatically, the server name is unique (using a part of the MAC address), and there are already a few common folders including a Public folder, but no users save for administrator.

The rest of the setup procedure is done through the web interface. It works on port 8080 (if the integrated Web server is not used, you can enter the NAS through the standard port 80; port 8080 can be replaced with something else if necessary), supports SSL encryption (with self-signed certificate or a certificate issued by a certification authority and loaded into the NAS), and a few languages. As a customization option, you can replace the logotype in the bottom left of the page with a custom picture measuring 100x100 pixels. Besides the administrator link, the first page offers direct access to the NAS’s additional features such as file access via your web-browser and video surveillance system. A user can use a feature if he has appropriate rights. There is also an interactive QNAP newswire here that informs you about firmware and software updates among other things.

You can use the six-step quick setup procedure available in the web-interface for setting the NAS up for the first time. This may be helpful for beginner administrators.

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