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External Devices

The NAS has two eSATA and five USB 2.0 ports (one on the face panel and four at the back). They are used to connect network drives, printers and UPSes. With a UPS, the system can be automatically shut down or switched into standby mode if the UPS reports a power supply problem. The NAS supports up to three printers. Most models with USB interface are supported, including all-in-ones (but you won’t be able to use the scanner). There can also be problems with printer maintenance (cleaning of its heads, cartridge status check).

USB-connected devices get a network name automatically in the format of USBDiskN where N is the number in the order of connection. Unfortunately, the current version of the NAS’s firmware does not support USB hubs, so multi-format card-readers and multifunctional external HDD racks won’t work with it. But you can use multiple partitions on a single hard disk drive. The NAS supports FAT, EXT3 and NTFS (including writing). Formatting can be done right from the web interface. By default, the administrator is the only one who has full access rights for the disks. The access rights can be changed, but the changes will apply only according to the connected device’s number rather than to the device itself.

The data-transfer speed for external storage devices is quite high and depends on the connection type as well as file system: 30MBps reading and 10MBps writing with eSATA/NTFS, 20/10MBps with USB/NTFS, 40/65MBps with eSATA/EXT3, 25/30MBps with USB/EXT3.

The front port can be used together with the backup button to copy the contents of the connected disk to the server (a folder and mode is selected: copying into a new folder, copying/synchronization) or copy the contents of a common folder to the external disk. The button can be disabled altogether if necessary. Our attempt to use this feature failed in the first version of the firmware. We hope this will be corrected in firmware updates.

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