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Exterior Design

Besides the new platform, the DS1010+ boasts a revised exterior design. Its case is only 16 centimeters tall, but 25 centimeters wide and 24 centimeters long. It is absolutely black. The front panel is glossy plastic; the rest of the case is matte metal. The bottom is the only unpainted surface. The NAS stands on four rubber feet.

The HDD bays with hot swap capability occupy most of the front panel space. Above them are the indicators of system status, network activity, and failure. The On/Off button is inconspicuous until its built-in blue LED lights up. There are disk activity indicators at the top of each HDD bay.

The back panel offers a connector for the included power cord (the DS1010+ is equipped with an integrated power adapter), two Gigabit Ethernet ports, four USB 2.0 ports, one eSATA connector and one sealed VGA port. There are also a Reset button and a Kensington security slot here.

You can see two fans of the NAS’s cooling system. Their speed is regulated automatically. This five-disk NAS can hardly be called silent, but we guess it is quiet enough for its class.

Hardware Configuration

Again, this model is one of the first NASes from Synology to be based on the x86 platform. The company’s earlier products used to feature ARM or PowerPC processors.

The device’s PCB carries an Atom processor (1.67 GHz, 2 cores, 4 threads), an ICH9 chipset, and two slots for DDR2-800 SO-DIMMs (one slot is occupied by a 1GB module).

The NAS’s 128MB flash memory is connected via USB. 82574L chips are used as network controllers. The external eSATA port is implemented through a SiI3132 controller although the ICH9 would have sufficed alone with its six SATA ports. The power supply is a specialized model from Seasonic that can provide up to 250 watts.

There are actually as many as four fans cooling this NAS. Two of them can be seen from the outside: these are the 80mm KDE1208PKV3 model from Sunon. There is also one 60mm Evercool EC6010L12ER which takes the air from the HDD bays and drives it towards the CPU and chipset heatsinks. The fourth fan, a small 40mm model, is in the power supply.

We tested the NAS with firmware DSM 3.0-1372.

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