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Synology’s DS210j and DS410j we have tested today set a new level of performance for entry-level NASes. Their performance is not far different from that of the previous year’s leader DS509+. Typical of Synology’s products, these models are of highest quality, cute design and broad functionality. The autonomous file download system should be specifically mentioned as being just as good as popular download clients for the PC. Firmware version 2.3 improves iPhone, makes the integrated backup system more functional (making fault-tolerant arrays not obligatory anymore), adds support for Wi-Fi adapters, and offers an updated video surveillance system.

Our tests suggest that Synology remains the leader of the home NAS market. We especially like the constantly improving firmware which is released regularly in newer versions for multiple models. For example, the current version (DSM 2.3) can be installed even on the 3-year-old CS-407. We don’t often see other manufacturers take such great care of the end-user.

There is some progress in terms of pricing, too. The junior model can be bought for $300 while the senior one, for $450. Although the prices still seem a little too high to us, the performance and functionality of these models justify them. We won’t be surprised to see the DS210j become a bestseller in 2010!

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