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Exterior Design

Synology’s low-end products are designed in a specific way with a white case and a gray insert in the front panel. The shapes of these plastic cases have not changed for years. The DS210j is an upright brick whereas the DS410j is a cube.

You can see status, LAN and disk activity indicators on the front panel of the junior model. There is also one USB port and a button to copy data from the connected USB device. The On/Off button is large and located at the bottom. It is accompanied with a bright blue LED.

At the back you can see a fan grid, a Gigabit Ethernet port, two USB ports, a power connector and a hidden Reset button.

The NAS stands on robust rubber feet that are going to keep it steady on any surface.

The 4-disk model represents Synology’s 3-year-old design. On the front panel there are vent grids, an On/Off button with integrated indicator, and six LEDs reporting the status of the hard disks and network as well as the status of the NAS itself. The panel is made from white glossy plastic with a gray insert.

This model has two 80mm fans for cooling. The panel they are secured on can be flipped down to remove the cover and install hard disks. There is nothing new in terms of interfaces: one Gigabit Ethernet port and a couple of USB connectors. At the back there is a power connector and a hidden Reset button.

Both devices boast high quality of manufacture. Synology is virtually blameless in this respect but it’s a shame that the power adapters and cables are black. It would be more stylish if they were white.

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