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External Devices

There are no changes in Synology’s products when it comes to connecting external devices. The junior models only have USB ports which can be used for printers, storage devices and UPSes. The new version of firmware only adds support for Wi-Fi adapters.

The NASes support FAT32, NTFS and EXT2/3 file systems. Multiple partitions on external disks are not supported but you can connect such devices via USB hubs. By default, full access rights to shared folders are provided for the group called “users”. You can change those rights but they won’t hold after reconnection. You can format external disks in FAT32 and EXT3 from the web-interface.

One or two printers can be connected to the NAS simultaneously. Bidirectional data exchange is not supported, so you won’t be able to use the scanning feature of your all-in-one. You will also have to monitor your ink level by the printer’s own indicators.

An uninterruptible power supply can help the NAS shut down without losing data in case of a power failure. If multiple NASes are powered by the same UPS, the NAS which is additionally connected to the latter with a USB cable can work as a network server, reporting UPS status to five more NASes.

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