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Synology’s dual-disk NAS line-up currently consists of four models which differ in hardware configuration. Besides the selection of I/O interfaces, they differ in performance, even though this only shows up in limitations on the number of backup jobs, VPN connections or web-cameras rather than in the speed of data access.

The DS212 model is a good successor to the last-year DS211. It has got a new case, a USB 3.0 controller for two ports, and a slot for SDHC cards. The NAS is very quiet thanks to its optimized case design and fan regulation algorithms.

As for its market positioning, the DS212 is targeted at advanced home users and workgroups. It even has one advantage over the top-end DS712+ model in the way of USB 3.0, but the DS712+ can be expanded by five more disk bays. Judging by its speed in our tests of reading and writing files, the DS212 can fully use a Gigabit Ethernet connection, so its performance is highly satisfactory.

The integrated DSM OS from Synology is one of the best solutions available in terms of user-friendliness and capabilities. It is being constantly updated, too. Most of extra services are now implemented as standalone packages which are easy to install and configure, which helps the developer update the firmware on a regular basis and helps you to optimize your NAS for your particular usage scenarios.

Besides the basic job of storing files, Synology NASes can stream multimedia content and run service applications, websites and video surveillance systems. The extended remote access capabilities and the exclusive apps for mobile gadgets must also be noted among their advantages.

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