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Functionality Enhancements

Synology is one of the first makers that opened access to the integrated OS via a console. On one hand, a user’s tinkering with console commands can damage the device (for example, if the boot-loader is erased in the flash memory), but on the other hand, this opens infinite opportunities in enhancing the device’s functionality. The DS509+ also allows to enable telnet and SSH in the web-interface, and you can then access the device as a super-user. Following the description at the manufacturer’s WiKi site, you can install the optware package manager and use the various programs available through it. This requires some basic knowledge of Linux from the user but there is a safer way of installing new services. You can install ready-made packages from the manufacturer. At the current moment, four programs are available: a server for Squeezebox devices (to broadcast audio recordings), an email server, a module to display statistics for the web-services, and phpMyAdmin. The setup pages of the new services are integrated into the NAS’s main interface. Besides SMTP and POP3, the email server supports IMAP, encrypted versions of the protocols, and even offers a web-based client interface for browser access.

Frankly speaking, there is nothing in the NAS’s default functionality that calls for changes. Still, if you miss anything, you can add that quite easily.

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