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Functionality Enhancements

Thecus suggests that you enhance the device’s functionality by adding new modules to it. A module is an archive in special format and is installed via the web-interface. Modules can be enabled/disabled or removed. Their setup pages may be integrated right into the NAS’s web-interface. For the N4100PRO the manufacturer offers three modules of its own development: Bi-directional USB copy, IP CAM, Web Server. The first module allows to copy shared folders between the NAS and USB drives attached to it.

The second module is a simple autonomous system for capturing images from IP cameras and saving them into a public folder (in JPG format). Each hour the individual frames are automatically converted into an MPEG video. The single advantage of this module is that it is free and supports up to 20 cameras. The available settings are scanty: image URL, username and password to access the camera, capture interval (from 0.5 to 60 seconds), folder to save the captured images into, and schedule. This module is of course inferior to full-featured video surveillance systems implemented in other makers’ products.

The third module, as the name suggests, is used to transform the NAS into an Apache 2.0.54 based Web-server with php 5.1.2. The module description says that it supports MySQL and SQLite databases but I found no traces of them. Perhaps you are meant to install them separately.

You can find third-party modules on the Web (for example, at the Thecus Wiki website). Particularly, there is a module for accessing the NAS via ssh as administrator. Considering the standard x86 architecture, large amount of system memory and high-performance processor, the capabilities of the device become virtually limitless, especially as instructions on developing your own modules for this NAS are freely available. Of course, you need some Linux experience for that.

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