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The new NAS from Thecus is based on a rather fast x86 platform that delivers good performance in tests of reading and writing data over LAN. It cannot match the best NASes (which are two times as expensive), but is a good device anyway.

Unfortunately, I cannot say the same about its software aspect. The N4100PRO is inferior in functionality to other makers’ products. Particularly, the browser-based file access and the autonomous download station require polishing off. The necessary improvements can be made by Thecus in newer firmware or by users themselves, especially as the NAS has an x86 processor, but one of the basic advantages of NASes – wide and useful functionality out of the box – is not fully available with the N4100PRO. Perhaps this shortcoming will be made up for by its pricing. 4-disk NASes are rather expensive and there is an opportunity to cut the price.

What I liked in this model is that it supports RAID migration and can increase the capacity of the RAID array without losing data. It is good that this lossless migration feature is now supported by inexpensive devices. The NAS has two LAN ports and a replaceable memory module. I can recommend the N4100PRO to users who need a basic NAS with a large storage capacity and modest performance for reasonable money.

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