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Wireless Group

The Wireless group refers to the router’s Wi-Fi module, of course.

You can begin setting up your wireless connection from the Basic page. You can enable the WDS mode which is necessary for binding a few wireless access points into a single network. There are such traditional parameters as channel number, channel width, SSID, etc. By the way, you can specify multiple SSIDs and then define an individual security policy for each of them. The Basic page also offers a couple of fine-tune settings: Reverse Direction Grant and encoding (MCS).

More fine-tune settings can be found on the Advanced page. You shouldn’t touch them unless your wireless connection refuses to work at all.

The Security page is about encrypting your wireless connection. For each specified SSID you can select security parameters such as encryption standard, algorithm, and, possibly, encryption key. This is an original feature of the router, although we can’t see much practical value in it. You can also specify MAC addresses which won’t be allowed to establish connections with the router.

The WPS page is where you can set up the parameters of the secure automatic transfer of settings from the access point to the client.

The Station List page shows wireless clients currently connected to the router.

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