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Frankly speaking, the TEW-672GR router turned out a disappointment. Notwithstanding the good exterior design, it has imperfect firmware that lacks such basic functions as a system log. The lack of an integrated Help system may be inconvenient as you have to refer to the user manual for any information you may need.

Well, the router was tested with the first version of its firmware. First versions are likely to have various issues which are later solved by the developer. But while the functionality of the TEW-672GR may be improved with firmware updates, its speed can hardly become much better. It is only with the release of a new hardware version of the router that we may see a considerable growth of its performance.

Anyway, you shouldn’t hurry to buy TEW-672GR. Trendnet currently offers a better model, TEW-633GR, which is even a little cheaper. And even if you need your router to support the 5GHz frequency band, we’d recommend you to consider other solutions available in the market today.


  • Supports two Wi-Fi frequency bands
  • Thought-through case design
  • Wi-Fi switch on the case
  • WPS


  • Nondetachable antennas
  • Firmware flaws
  • No integrated Help system
  • Low performance and small Wi-Fi range
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