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TrendNET’s TEW-691GR router and TEW-687GA Wi-Fi adapter are good products with certain downsides. Although they do have advanced hardware components and nice-looking exterior design, they have some problems on the software part. At the current moment it is impossible to install third-party firmware on them, so you have to get along with what their manufacturer offers. There is only one complaint about the Wi-Fi adapter: its real performance does not match the capabilities of its chips. The router is better overall but has a low speed in PPTP mode and doesn’t offer any logging features. The rest of the firmware capabilities are the same as you can see in most other similar products.

If your provider offers direct connection or PPPoE, the TEW-691GR will allow you to fully utilize 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet links. To make the most of the router’s Wi-Fi capabilities, I’d recommend USB adapters with Ralink chips. In this case you can enjoy excellent speed up to 120-150 Mbps.

Despite the differing capabilities, the two devices come at a similar price of about $120. There are few 450Mbps routers available on the market as of yet and they are generally more expensive than the TEW-691GR. Compared to the 300Mbps models with Gigabit ports, the TEW-691GR meets more competition from both expensive and low-cost products. As for the TEW-687GA adapter, its specs and capabilities are in fact unmatched, which must be the reason why it is so steeply priced. 

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