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TEW-680MB HD Media Bridge

From a technical standpoint, the TEW-680MB is a Wi-Fi to Ethernet bridge. It can be used to connect Ethernet devices (TV-sets, game consoles, media players, IP video cameras and other equipment) to a wireless network. It offers as many as four Gigabit Ethernet ports and can serve multiple clients concurrently. You can also use it to link together segments of a local network.

You don’t have to turn on your PC to make this adapter work. The WPS technology, enabled by the appropriate button, will connect the TEW-680MB to your Wi-Fi network automatically. This method won’t allow the adapter to show its best, though. The factory settings of its wireless module can be improved using its web interface.

The Network section contains a single option for choosing the device’s address. You can enter the adapter’s IP address or have it acquired via DHCP. The Wireless section is more interesting. The status page reports information about the current connection such as network name, signal level and speed. The wireless adapter maintains statistics of sent and received data packets. The TEW-680MB allows you to set up several wireless AP profiles and quickly switch between them. Each profile contains a network name and its encryption method. You can add Wi-Fi networks found with the integrated scanner.

The wireless module’s performance can be improved by fine-tuning its parameters. You can choose from multiple options, for example dual channel mode. There is no explicit frequency band selection but you can choose 802.11a/n for 5 GHz. WPS connection can be established with the button on the adapter’s case as well as via its web-interface.

The Administrator group contains such popular options as firmware update, admin password, device name, saving and resetting the device configuration. There is a special button for resetting the adapter. The status page shows you information about the wireless connection as well as firmware version, uptime and wired network parameters.

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