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The Trendnet TEW-692GR is a well-made mainstream product. It doesn’t offer too many extra features, but it can connect your LAN to the internet using all popular connection methods. It can fully utilize the 100 Mbps bandwidth in most operation modes whereas its L2TP performance is limited to 60 Mbps. If you’ve got a Gigabit Ethernet channel, the router will only be able to use one third of its bandwidth with direct connection.

As opposed to many other top-end routers, this model lacks USB ports and is limited to internet access and Wi-Fi networking. It supports both frequency bands of the 802.11n standard and you can enjoy Wi-Fi speeds up to 100-200 Mbps by selecting appropriate setup options and client devices.

Priced at $130, the TEW-692GR looks an attractive offer in its class of 3T3R dual-band routers but you should make sure its performance in specific scenarios is high enough for you.

The TEW-680MB adapter, on its part, is interesting with its support for two Wi-Fi bands and as many as four Gigabit Ethernet ports. It may come in handy for connecting TV-sets and media players, ensuring high speed in the 5GHz band. Its price of $90 is justified by its high performance.

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