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Advanced Settings

Settings in this menu mostly refer to the operation mode of the firewall the router is equipped with. I can’t say the settings are very advanced, but you can solve some typical tasks an administrator of a small network has to.

One such typical task is opening access from the Internet to a web, SMTP, FTP or any other server that resides on the local network. This is accomplished in the Virtual Server submenu where you can open a certain port in the router’s external interface and all the packets coming in from the Internet to this port will be forwarded to the administrator-specified port of a certain computer on the local network (this mechanism is referred to as Port Address Translation – PAT).

In a likewise manner, support for network games is configured in the Gaming menu. The difference is that not one port but a range of ports can be opened to the outside for each game, and all the packets coming in to these ports of the external interface will be directed to the same ports of a certain computer on the network. The router developer has provided presets for quite a large list of popular network games, so in many cases the administrator just has to choose the necessary game from the list and specify the IP-address of the computer the game will be run on.

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