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Tools Settings

The Tools menu contains mostly system options that affect the operation of the device itself. Here you can set up the administrator password, system time (and configure its synchronization by an external NTP server), delivery of router’s logs to a syslog server or a certain e-mail address. This menu also contains an option of forced reboot of the router and of rolling its settings back to the factory ones.

For some unclear reason, this system-related menu also contains an option of setting up the dynamic DNS service although it would be more appropriate among the Advanced settings, I guess. Anyway, this setting needs some comment. Suppose you have a domain and you’d want to put a web-server, physically located in your local network, on that domain. The problem is that providers (particularly, ADSL providers) usually issue a new IP-address to your client on each new connection. So, each time your address changes, you have to update the entries about your domain on the DNS servers that support it. In order to make this process automatic, there are special services (like,, and others) that host domains for clients with a dynamically assigned, i.e. variable, IP-address. You only have to inform this service about your new IP-address, and the domain-related entries will be automatically changed. The TEW-611BRP supports as many as 9 most popular resources that provide this service. Each time the router’s external interface is assigned a new IP-address, the router connects to the appropriate service and tells it the new parameters. So, this is a rather exotic feature, but you will find it useful if you’re using one of such hosting services.

The Tools menu also contains a Firmware submenu in which you can update the router’s firmware. The latest version is 1.0.4 dated December 2005.

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