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NAS Utility

A special program is supplied with the TS-S402. It installs on your PC and can be used to work with the NAS without opening its setup manager.

The program’s interface is simple and resembles a standard Windows Explorer screen with lively icons. At the top of the program window there is a toolbar with icons representing the various tasks you can do. In the left of the window there is information and possible actions you can do relating to the specific task. And finally, the rest of the program window displays the data the user can work with. A separate window may open to perform some actions.

Here is what this utility can do:

  •  If several TS-S402 devices are connected to the network, you can press this icon to initialize an additional NAS.
  •  If this icon is pressed, a new window opens up that duplicates the functionality of the account manager in the NAS’s web-interface.
  •  Opens a new window with data about the NAS system.
  •  Shows a list of all NAS folders with open access at least by one protocol. The folders from this list can be opened right from the NAS Utility.
  •  This must be the most useful feature of the NAS Utility. It allows to create backup copies of any folders on your computer’s hard disk into a folder in the root directory of the NAS. Copying is done manually or by a schedule.
  •  This icon opens the NAS’s setup manager in a browser window.
  •  Opens a window where you can specify the user account to access the TS-S402.
  •  Shows a system log in the NAS Utility window.

The NAS Utility does not very helpful to me because it duplicates but a small share of the web-interface’s capabilities. Its only practical feature is the ability to create backup copies of the computer’s local folders. The option of sharing folders and working with the setup manager interface would make the NAS Utility more useful.

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